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Dinka® Podcast is an initiative of Dinka® Foundation.

Production Team: created and hosted by John Sandy Campbell, executive produced by John Sandy Campbell and The Cutt Audio.

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“Black people need to understand that they have given enough to this nation. We are not obligated to bleed for the United States anymore. We have a right to heal.”

In order for Black boys and men to survive in America, they are going to have to “go through” struggle in order to make it to the other side. 

In episode 3, I talk about how important it is for you to maintain your honor during the struggle by protecting your name. 

“My job is to somehow, make them curious enough or persuade them by hook or crook to get more aware of themselves and where they came from and what they are in to and what is already there and just to bring it out. This is what compels me to compel them and I will do it by whatever means necessary.”
-Nina Simone

Love. What is it? What is this feeling that makes us care for others more than we care for ourselves? This feeling that causes our hearts to soar to the highest of high planes and sends us to the depths of loneliness when unrequited? Love.
When I was a little girl, love was siting around my family and listening to them talk and laugh. It was hugs and kisses. It was hearing the words I love you several times a day. It was smelling coffee on the stove and sitting with my grandparents while they watched old westerns on tv. It was granddaddy’s hotcakes at 4am. It was family, community, and the neighborhood stopping by to say hi to my grandparents. It was reading books and books and books about any and everything. It was being looked at with kindness and tenderness. It was my aunt and uncles talking to us with such tenderness. It was my father, insisting that we know about our culture and our people. It was dreams of going out into the world and experiencing all that the world had to offer. For me, love was being kissed on my chubby cheeks and being held so tightly I would smile with delight. When I was a little girl, I experienced so much love in my life, I don’t know what a life without receiving love looks or feels like. I don’t know what a life without giving love looks or feels like.

When I started this podcast, I knew that I wanted to create content that would allow me to share all the love that I have in my heart for those that I love with all of my heart. I wanted to create something beautiful for my ancestors and my people both near and far.
I wanted to create something beautiful for you.
I wanted to create something beautiful for you because I love you.